Lab Plastic Extruder and Lab Plastic Pelletizing Machine Exported to Canada

Date:2019/11/25 14:11:17

   Lab Plastic Extruder and Lab Plastic Pelletizing Machine Exported to Canada 

Techno recently manufactured one lab extruder to one of our Canada customer. 


The whole project is for one lab extruder with one strand pelletizing head and one pelletizer. 


Customer himself will manufacture the water bath in his facilities. 


The whole machine use the power of single phase 240V/60HZ/1 Phase. 


Sometimes before bulk production of products, the raw material is very important. As it may have formulation or different characteristic. Thus a lab extruder to test different formulation or compounds plays a vital role in this field. 


The following pictures shows we pack this Lab Extruder and Lab pelletizer. 


                   Wooden Case Packing of Lab Plastic Extruder and Lab Plastic Pelletizer 




                          Loading on the trucks to warehouse for Exporting 


Any one read this news and if you are interested in our lab extruder or pelletizer, you may contact by click following button or link. 



Following are the separate videos of testing these two lab machine before leaving our factory.




                         Video of Lab Extruder with Single Strand Pelletizing Die Head 



                                              Video of Lab Plastic Pelletizer 


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