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With an industry exposure and experience of two decades in the field of manufacturing, supply and export Plastic Extrusion Machinery like PVC Pipe Extrusion Line, PVC Profile Extrusion Line, Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line. Techno has successfully achieved 100% customers’ satisfaction. Techno Machinery offer state-of-the art Plastic Extruder like Conical Twin Screw Extruder, Single Screw Extruder, Parallel Twin Screw Extruder and other Plastic Extrusion Auxiliary Equipment Extrusion Auxiliary Machine like High Speed Mixer, Plastic Pulverizer, Plastic Shredder, Cryogenic Pulverizer, Straw Machinery and Plastic Crusher etc. We not only get satisfied merely by manufacturing and supplying machines for the extrusion processes but also provide prompt and detailed After Sale Services to ensure trouble free functioning of plants and machines for every valuable customer.

Our technically sound and customer friendly after sale department is supervised by experienced service engineers. They help our clients in installing and commissioning, trouble shooting, maintenance of machines and plants for an easy handling and working of these machines easily.

Our experienced technicians provide customized installing and commissioning services of the machinery according to the client exact requirement and layout. While trouble shooting, Our after sale department keep record of technical issues causing problem in working of Plastic Extrusion Line and Plastic Extruder. Keeping log of troubling issues make it easy for us to easily assess and solve the problem ever again found in the machinery supplied by us. We also offer complete maintenance support to ensure smooth functioning of machines and plants.



Technical support for running Plastic Extrusion Machine to maximum output

Techno is not only an Plastic Extrusion Machinery & Plastic Extruder manufacturer but also a solution provider that utilize his max knowledge and expertise in extrusion technology to provide its customer’s best services and machinery on requirement. Our response and adherence to our business values and ethics is not restricted merely sale, however, is backed by a well responsive technical team supporting after sales activities.

A qualified Techno engineer provides training in usage and maintenance of extrusion machinery manufactured and supplied by us including range of products like PVC pipe Extrusion Line,  Plastic extruder machine, pipe extruder, Plastic Recycling plant, Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line, HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line, Twin Screw Extruder Plant, compounding, co-rotating extruder, Plastic Pulverizer, Cryogenic Pulverizer, Straw Machinery.

Techno technical support staff and engineers provide the ablest guidance to the customers to determine process criteria and suggest the most appropriate extrusion solutions fitting to the operational requirements. Our technical support staff is technically accomplished and always ready to facilitate technical assistance and consultation on equipment specification, operations and maintenance. We also offer onsite technical support.

We appreciate a maintenance agreement with our clients on mutual guidelines so our support engineers visit your vicinity for an overall inspection of the equipment and suggest best solution to any issues raised with operation of any of the extrusion machinery or Plastic Pipe Extruder, etc. Techno support overall brings process improvement and raised levels of process efficiency.

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