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Techno Machinery-Plastic Extruder Manufacturer

Company Overview:

Techno Machinery is a certified manufacturer, exporter and supplier of plastic processing machinery. Due to our constant commitment to extrusion technology, we have emerged as a leading manufacturer of Plastic Extrusion Machinery for PVC pipes Extrusion Line, HDPE pipes Extrusion Line, PVC compounding Extruder, PVC Gravmetric Dosing System, PPR Pipes Extrusion Line, PVC profiles Extrusion Line, PVC Mixer, Cable coating, LLDPE layf-lat pipes, CPVC pipes Extrusion Line, plastic Sheet Extruder, PVC Sheet Extrusion Line, Plastic Granulating or Pelletizing Line and many other down stream equipment like Plastic Pulverizer, Plastic Crusher, Cryogneic Grinder, Plastic Shredder, Straw Machinery and Straw Packing Machinery etc for a wide range of extrusion processes.

Made of quality raw material and using world top class technology, our machines are widely appreciated for their attributes like efficient and consistent performance, lower power consumption, durable and corrosion resistance. Our products incorporate user- friendly operations and controls, including parts that resist wear and tear and conform to prescribed specifications of plastic manufacturing units. With decades of valuable industry experience, we can deliver quality Plastic Extruder in both standard and custom specifications.

In the fast-growing competitive market of Plastic Extrusion Machinery, we stand out as a growth oriented company that recognizes the needs of the plastic manufacturing industry and provides comprehensive services including machinery operation and maintenance instructions. To achieve new benchmarks we continuously keep an eye on innovation.

We have clientele in both domestic and international markets, and we serve them with unconditional support. Our active research and development enables us to deliver solutions for specific extrusion needs of clients and scaling newer heights in the Plastic Extrusion industry.






To optimize our manufacturing capabilities and elevate our position as a leading manufacturer of Plastic Extruder.

To innovate excellent, functional and cost-effective plant for multiple extrusion processes.

To provide apt solution for every extrusion need.



Challenge Future Needs Through Innovations:


Plastic Extrusion has wider applications. So, innovation and researching is the key to lead in this industry. Since the very moment of inception, Techno has been constantly working to facilitate mechanically superior and economically profitable screw extrusion plants to clients.

We have been successful in this mission because of extensive expense on R&D, our top class infrastructure, and committed team of professionals who work relentlessly to evolve better and cost-effective extrusion engineering solutions.

No wonder, our Production and Extrusion line continues to grow and evolve to meet clients' changing requirements and complying with environmental guidelines



Superior Customer Service


Our technical experts are always ready to assist customers on specific problems related to machinery operation and maintenance. Our field technicians are just a call away and are quite capable to attend to any urgent requirement for service.


We provide support and service in the following areas :

Project planning

Installation and commissioning

Plant operation

Routine maintenance

Manpower support

User training

Spare parts



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