BASF TPU Cryogenic Grinding Sample Testing

Date:2019/10/28 15:16:27

                                 BASF TPU Cryogenic Grinding Sample Testing 


Nowdays, thermal plastic powder is more and more popular, they are widely used in different industry. 


Recently Techno Machinery sample tested the TPU from Basf Taiwan Company for one of our potential Indian Customer 

He want the Cryogenic Grinding System, we also call Cryogenic Pulverizer specially designed for TPU. 

As TPU is thermal plastic, so after cryogenic gournd, it may agglomerated. So, normally for making Thermal plastic powder, it should add partioning agent after cryogenic ground. 

So, the whole project we suggest following machinery for him 

1. Vacuum Feeder both for TPU Granules and TPU Coarse Powder 

2. Main TM-50 Crygoenic Pulverizer (Specially Designed for TPU)

3. 3-4 units of Vibration Sieve 

4. V Type Mixer (For adding partioning agent and mix after cryogenic Ground)







Cryogenic Pulverizer



                                           Cryogenic Pulverizer Picture 


                                       Video of TPU Cryogenic Grinding System Sample Testing 

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