SMW-800 PVC Pulverizer Exported To Ecuador

Date:2017/5/16 10:37:30

                                                 SMW-800 PVC Pulverizer Exported To Ecuador


Techno Machinery tested one SMW-800 PVC Pulverizer and Loaded the container on May 11th, 2017. The pulverizer is for our Ecuador Customer who bought PVC Pipe Extrusion Line some years ago. 



The capcity of this pulverizer reaches 400-800kg/h, depends on the caco3 ratio of the PVC Scrap Material


The whole production process of this SMW-800 PVC Pulverizer will be as following: 


1. Operator or worker debag the Waste PVC Scrap into the DTC-1000 Screw Feeder and feed the material into the Pulverizer Hopper. 


2. The Pulverizer Hopper has a material level indicator inside, when the material inside the hopper reaches to this level, the DTC-1000 Screw Feeder will automaically stop. 


3. There's a magnetic Frame also inside the pulverizer hopper which first select any metal iron with materials. 


4. Under the hopper, that's the vibration feeding chume also with a strong magnetic force which further select the metal things. 


5. The material goes into the grinding chamber which has 40PCS rotation blades and 20PCS fixed Blades. 


6. The pulverized powder will be sucked out by the blower and goes into the vibration sieve. The qualified material will sieve out and the unqualified powder also will sieve out and goes into the grinding chamber again for further grinding. 


7. The whole process will be on the same control panel and the flow is like following pictures. 



PVC Pulverizer Designed and Manufactured by Techno Machinery is cooled by water. The fixed Blade and the pipe lines are cooled by water, please refer the following pictures. 



The shipement for one DTC-1000 Screw Feeder and One SMW-800 PVC Pulverizer will take one 20 Feet Container. 



Following is the video of this SMW-800 PVC Pulverizer Trial Running. Customer is satisfied after seeing the videos. 



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