Epoxy Resin Cryogenic Pulverizer Exported to India

Date:2019/10/14 9:33:48


Techno Machinery Recently Exported one cryogenic pulverizer to India 


Customer will use this cryogenic pulverizer to make Epoxy Resin Powders. 


The whole System customer bought consists of following machines 


1. Resin Debag Station & Vacuum Feeding System (both resin and unqualified powder refeeding)


2. Main Cryogenic Pulverizer (Cooled by Liquid nitrogen -196-0 degree, liquid nitogen tank supplied by customer)


3. Air Classifier for powder particle size more than 200mesh classifying. 


4. Powder storgate silo (with feeding system from the main cryogenic pulverizer or from air classifier) 


                                        Photo of The Plastic Cryogenic Pulverizer 

                                                      Container Loading Video     

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