TM-25 Small Cryogenic Grinder Exported To India

Date:2016/10/18 17:25:34

TM-25 Small Cryogenic Grinder Exported To India 

Another TM-25 Cryogenic Grinder Was tested on Oct.16, 2016 and shipped today to India. 

Customer will use this machine to Cryo-grinding for Food industry. 



During Testing, we tested the 3 materials. Details of testing, you can see 3 separate Videos. 

Techno Machinery is a leading Chinese Cryogenic Grinder in China. Our machine mainly used in following Field.

1. Thermal Plastic Field (For powder using in Rotational Molding, Dip Molding, Powder Coating industry)

2. Nature Rubber Powder used for Compounding with plastic or other purpose

3. Food Industry (Spice, Vegetable, Fruits, Plant Seeds)

4. Pharmacy Field (Chinese Herb, Medicine for Capsule)

5. Chemistry Industry (Oil Additives etc)



Following are 3 separate videos which shows that we use this Cryogenic Grinder to Grind Pepper, Chili and Plastics.


(1st Material: Pepper Cryogenic Grinding)


 (2nd Material: Chili Cryogenic Grinding)




(3rd Material: Plastic Material: PES)

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