20-63mm Two Layer PPR Pipe Production Line Tested For Mexico

Date:2016/11/3 8:41:21

               Two Layer PPR Pipe Production Line Tested For Mexico Customer 

On November 03, 2016, Techno Machinery tested the 20-63mm PPR Pipe Production Line for one of our Mexico Customer. 

This PPR pipe Production Lines has three extruders. One for Inner Layer, One for Outer layer PPR, and one for color Line Mark. 

Mainly compose of following parts machinery:

1. SJ-65X33 Single Screw Extruder (For inner Thick Layer)

2. SJ-50X33 Single Screw Extruder (For Outer Thin Layer)

3. SJ-25X25 Single Screw Extruder (For Color Line Mark on Pipe Surface)

4. Vacuum Calibration Bath 

5. Water Spraying Bath

6. Two Caterpillar Haul-off Unit 

7. Chipless Cutter

8. Tilting Stacker

9. 2 sets of Hopper Loader and Hopper Dyrer (For Two Main Extruders)

Following are Some Pictures During Testing:


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