Plastic Straw Extrusion Line

Plastic Straw Extrusion Line

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DN13A three color drinking straw extrusion line is composed of extruder, die, cooling calibration device, haul-off and cutting device, tube collating conveyor, etc, to realize three color co-extrusion. Adopt the brand new design of parameters: diameter 50mm screw and 28:1 L/D ratio, which make plasticizing effect better, extruding amount larger and process more stably. It is a professional equipment for producing all kinds of drinking straws. Changing some parts can also produce three color precise small tube and small size of special tube/stick.
Application Fields:
1.Food industry: drinking straw, lollipop stick, coffee stick
2.Other industry: signature pencil lead, sprinkle-nozzle tube, balloon handle, small flagpole, cotton swab stick, medical tube
Technical Features:
1.Changing mould is convenient and quick
2.Cooling water bath and frame are all made of stainless steel, which are never rust. Vacuum calibration is assembled structure, it can be installed at any time. The up-down, front-back and left-right of water bath can be adjustable and fixed.
3.Haul-off and cutting device has various combining forms,to adapt to the manufacture requirement of different products which greatly reduce the labor intensity. Board and shield both adopt stainless steel making, elegant appearance and never rust.
4.This line can be custom-made tube collating conveyor, it is suitable for making all kinds of plain end tube in mass production.
Technical Parameters:

                                                         High Speed Plastic Straw Extrusion Line/Straw Etruder 

Main Screw Diameter/L:D
Main Extruder Capacity
Power Supply
Main Screw Motor
11kw 380v 50hz(VFD)
Haul-off Motor
Cutting Motor
Tube Conveyor Motor
Temperature Control Setting
16 zones
Cooling Calibration Water Bath Length
Product Specification
Diameter:φ4-14mm Thickness:0.10-1.00mm
Special specification can be revised or customized

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