High Technology PLA Straw Making Machine

High Technology PLA Straw Making Machine

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PLA Straw Making Machine                               High Technology PLA Straw Making Machine  

Techno Developed  PLA Straw Making Machine, which also called PLA Straw Extrusion Line or Extruder, is the trend of product PLA straw instead of Plastic. 

What is PLA?

Simply Say is made from Corn Starch. 

PLA is a polyester produced by fermentation under controlled conditions of a carbohydrate source like corn starch or sugarcane. Its building blocks can either be lactic acid or lactide monomers. They will later be polymerized into PLA

The complete Extrusion Line cosists of following machinery 

  • PLA Main Extruder and Straw Die
  • Calibration and water cooling unit
  • Haul-off unit
  • Rotary cutter unit
  • Conveyor device
  • PLC-TOUCH screen system
  • Servo motor cutting

The machine can produce all kinds of PLA drinking straw with one color, two color, medical pipes,special design for PLA screw with BM type 33:1(L/D), the machine have a bigger capacity and stability straw size.  Also makes PP raw material straw.

                                   Technical Feature of PLA Straw Making Machine

  1. Special designed L/D 33:1 screw, suitable for PLA and PP material.
  2. Far-infrared radiant heating, high efficient & saving energy. Cooling fan can make the heating temperature stabilization.
  3. With Hopper loading and Drying system
  4. The haul-off unit can be belt or rollers, it is customizable, Fitted with double rotary cutter. Cut angle: 90°/45°, 90°/60°
  5. All the machine’s controls base with PLC & Touch screen control elements ergonomically adapted to permit easy operation. All production data can be transfer to center office by NCC. WIFI function, plc system can be checked and updated by internet.
  6. Conveyor device(optional)

Technical Table Parameter of PLA Straw Making Machine




Main PLA Straw & Co-Extruder


Single or Twin Color

Straw Diameter

        Φ3.0- Φ12mm



Straw Length



Straight or Helical



Extruding Output 


Main Screw Diameter

50mm (BM Screw)

Screw L/D Ratio


Main Driving Motor 

18.5kw (Servo Motor)

Vice Screw Diameter


Vice Extruder Driving Motor 


Gear Box Type 

146 Type Hard Gear Surface 

Temperature Controller 

8 Zones

Touch Screen

1 Set

Heating Power 


Hopper Dryer

1 Set

Hopper Loader

1 Set

Colling Fan

3 Sets

Straw Calibration Die

1 Set

Vacuum Cooling Bath 

Vacuum Pump 


Bath Length & Material 

3400mm Stainless Steel 

Blow Drying Device

1 Set

Haul-off & Cutting Unit 

Haul-off Motor power


Cutting Motor Power


           Cutting Angle 


Digital Counter

1 Set



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