Full Auto I shape Straw Packing Machine

Full Auto I shape Straw Packing Machine

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DN37 full auto I shape straw packing machine is a kind of automation equipment for packing straight straw, flexible straw into all sealing bags(film).The bending straws pass through hopper, discharging conveyor, vacuumized filling, sealing and haul-off device, and it has the ability of continuous and efficient production. In order to pick up straw easily, it can cut “一” type opening in the bending place or “V” type opening in the head of sealing bag.

Technical Features:
1.Single straw through filling, sealing can be packed at one time
2.Automatic counting, batch report to the alarm
3.Equipped with online cold cutting device which is for w incisions, it can realize 4pcs/linear,6pcs/linear,8pcs/linear, also can be cut to single piece
4.Unwinding film adopts the front-end mechanical tension device which is adjustable,it is convenient and fast to be online adjustment.
5.Heat sealing adopts the whole cast aluminum heating unit and standard collector ring heating thermometry. It has the advantages of rapid and uniform heating, long service life, etc.
6.Equipped with a number of stop switches,easy and quick operation

              Unbelievable Speed Straw Tetra Packing Machine/Individual Straw Packing Machine

Technical Parameter:

Main Motor Power
Vacuum Pump Motor Power
Seal Heating Power
Packing Material
BOPP Plastic Film
Specification of Packing Material
Width:210-280mm Thickness:0.018-0.020mm
Product Specification
Straw Diameter
Straw Thickness
Die Length
Special specification can be revised or customized

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