LVT Flooring Extrusion Line

LVT Flooring Extrusion Line

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LVT Flooring Extrusion Line/Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Extrusioin Line also known as PVC Flooring Extrusion line is an ideal equipment to manufcture LVT Flooring.

Nowadays, LVT become more and more popular. It become one of the fastest-growing categories in flooring field. The cagegory is poised for even more growth as manufactures continue to make significant investments both in technology and production. 


LVT become an important flooring category because of its flexible versatility. It works in the residential sements as well as commercial segments. such as retail, hospitality, corporate, health care and eductions etc. LVT offers an affordale, durable and easy to care for floor. 

LVT has following layer: 1. The backing Layer: the foundation of an LVT flooring (it is made primarily from PVC vinyl which offers excellent flexibility and dimensional stability. 2. The aesthetic layer: backing film create the products material finish: Providing the tone, color, and design of the product. 3 and 4 are the wearing layer: whcih avoids scratching and improves slipping resistance. 5. This layer is the urethaene coating treatment which provides the excellent protection against daily scuffs and stains, ensuring the flooring looks new and keep clean. 


Techno machinery is a leading manufacture of LVT Flooring Prouction Equipment/Luxury Vinyl Tile Extrusion Line, the whole project for extrusion includes following:

1. PVC Resin Material & other additives debag and Vacuum Loading System

2. Mixing Unit for Mixing PVC Compound Formulation

3. SJSZ-92 PVC Conical Twin Screw Extrueer

4. 6 Roll Horizontal Calender

5. Cooling Water Channel

6. Haul-off and Sponge Absorbing system

7. Cutting and Stacking System 


                      Luxury Vinyl Tile Extrusion Line/LVT Flooring Extrusion Line


Product Width (mm)
Max Output(KG/H)





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                           LVT Tile Extrusion Line Machine Demonstration Video