PE Carbon Spiral Hose Extrusion Line

PE Carbon Spiral Hose Extrusion Line

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PE carbon spiral hose extrusion line uses polyethylene and carbon materials to be synthetic modification, and then to be spiral forming by extrusion process. Equipped with special single screw extruder, possesses the characteristics of high speed extrusion and efficient plasticization. The special detached type compounding screw and die head with spiral structure & reasonable channel are applicable to produce pipes of inside and outside smooth surface. The unique designed calibration and cooling method are capable of producing pipes with diameter from φ50 to φ200mm,producing speed is up to 0.4-1.5m/min. This line has high flexibility, all kinds of polyolefin materials can be co-extruded and a variety of spiral reinforced pipe specification can also be extruded. Moreover,80% recycled materials can be used in the production. Optimal design of spiral copper sizing sleeve with pre-cooling and powerful vacuum devices in the inlet end, is suitable for high speed extruding this pipe. Spray cooling water tank is made of stainless steel. Effective water pump and particular spraying nozzle bring high-efficiency spray cooling. Longitudinal moving motor will realize the UDLR of three dimensional adjustment.

                                                               Techno PE Carbon Spiral Hose Extrusion Line 

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