Pneumatic PVC Bulk Material Handling System/PVC Compounding System

Pneumatic PVC Bulk Material Handling System/PVC Compounding System

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Owing to the fast development of PVC industry (Pipe, Profile, Sheet, Panel, Granulating) etc. A large quantity of PVC resin and other additives are consumed yearly and continuously. Thus lead a result that Rapid, efficient and economical methods of handling these materials become mature and necessary.


Faces this situation, techno has developed this Bulk Material Handling System. The complete system includes following categories: PVC Unloading System (Bulk Rail Car or Bulk Car Unloading materials or PVC Resin Bag Debag Station), PVC Conveying System (From Resin Silo or from PVC debag Station to the High Speed PVC Turbo Mixer), PVC Dosing System (PVC Resin and Minor additives auto weighing and transferred to the PVC Compound Mixer), PVC Compounding System or PVC Mixing System (PVC resin and Caco3 and other additives here mix through high speed and thus form the different formulation for different Products), Pneumatic conveying System to PVC compound formulation storage Silo or use PVC Tube Chain Conveying System to transit silo for distributing to many extruders.


This we also called Full auto PVC Compounding System, it is fully automatic use HMI PLC Station, the computer can store many types formulation and when customer want to change formulation, just input different value or select the storage one, thus the whole PVC Material Handling System works automatically.


It has characteristic of following:


1.     Lower product cost owing to use bulk quantity (because bulk PVC resin is cheaper than bag one)


2.     Lower Labor cost as fully automatic receiving, storage, conveying, dosing, mixing)


3.     Space Saving: Customer needn’t a very big warehouse to store raw material


4.     Safety and Non-contaminating, as this is fully automatic and clean, less dust instead of using traditional Method. 


                          Pnematic PVC Bull Material Handeling System/PVC Compounding System



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