100-600 Mesh Plastic Cryogenic Pulverizer

100-600 Mesh Plastic Cryogenic Pulverizer

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Techno liquid nitrogen Plastic Cryogenic Pulverizer is mainly used to grind materials which cannot be ground at room temperature. The machinery adopts the heat exchange between liquid nitrogen and materials. When the crushed materials achieve at the brittle fractured state, it goes into mechanical pulverizing chamber and repeatedly impacts, collides, shears, mills, eventually becomes fine powder. The final grinding material fineness can reach micron grade(600-200 mesh).The inner chamber of this machinery which touching with materials is made of the health level of SUS-304 stainless steel.The outer chamber can also use full stainless steel making according to the customer’s requirements.


Low temperature cryogenic crusher structure:

1. The low temperature cryogenic pulverizer uses a pre-cooling silo to pre-cool the material, and the pre-cooling silo is equipped with a precision liquid gas gasification device to forcibly cool the material during the liquid gas gasification process.

2. The material that has been uniformly cooled and embrittled is fed into the pulverizer chamber by a spiral feeder.

3. The independent rolling pair of the cryogenic deep-cooling pulverizer ensures the normal operation of the machine under low temperature environment. The refrigerant refilling compensation compensates for the heat generated by the material during the pulverization process. The injection amount of the refrigerant is adjusted by the low temperature valve. The generated high pressure gas stream and the pressure loss expansion of the refrigerant are discharged into the machine chamber through the swirling window of the pulverizer static classifier. After the material is pulverized, the required fineness is achieved and the airflow enters the discharge system, and the coarse material hits the stationary classifier blade and bounces back to the pulverizer cavity to achieve the coarse step grading effect.

4. Discharge traction system: The material crushed by the main machine is discharged to the host through the pipeline by air traction.

5. Airflow classification in the cryogenic cryogenic pulverizer: The material is sent to the external classifier by the induced draft fan to adjust the speed of the classifier impeller, which can achieve the fineness we need. The use of the internal classifier reduces the time for the material to return to temperature during the screening, reduces labor, shortens the production cycle, and reduces the use of the site. The crushed material can be directly packaged and transported. The customer can select the internal sieve type classification method according to the actual needs; this method is suitable for the ultra-fine powder classification, and the material-free classification above 200 mesh achieves the perfect effect, and the cold source is fully utilized.


   New Developed Plastic Cryogenic Pulverizer/Cryogenic Pulveriser/Cryogenic Grinder/Cryogenic Miller

Motor Power
Theoretical Out Put
80-120 Mesh 200kg/h
80-120 Mesh 300kg/h
80-100 Mesh 500kg/h
Cooling Medium
-196°C-0°C LN
-196°C-0°C LN
-196°C-0°C  LN
Minimum Particle Size


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