Turnkey Service Cryogenic Grinding System

Turnkey Service Cryogenic Grinding System

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Cryogenic Grinding System/Cryomilling System now is more and more popular in the world due to the high demand of using heat sensitive plastic powder or keeping Nutrition component of nature vegetable or food. Techno Machinery invested early research in this Freeze Grinding Field.

The process is cool or chill the heat sensitive plastics or tough to grind material by liquid nitrogen first in the pre cooling silo of the Cryogenic Grinding Pulverizer Silo, then through the main Grinder high speed rotation, the plastic material or dried vegetables will be bumped each other and bumped at the grinder metal parts at their glass-brittle point temperature, then reducing themselves into a small powder particle Size.

Powder by Techno Developed Advanced Cryogenic Grinding System is main for the following Fields:

1. Plastic Powder
A: Electrostatic Spraying for Powder
B: Dip Molding
C: Rotational Moulding or Rotomolding Industry
D: Re-Compounding Pellets for Extrusion Process or other Field

2. Rubber Powder Especially Nature Sticky Rubber

3. Food (Fish, Vegetable, Animal) or Seasoning Powder Application

4. Vegetable or Fruits Powder Application

5. Pharmacy Industry Powder to Make Medicine Pills

6. Chemistry Industry Powder

Due to above different application, a Cryogenic Milling System temperature ranges from 0°C-–196°C, Generally for Food Industry is about –40°C–60°C around, which Plastic and rubber etc is around –80°C-–196°C around depends on the material characteristic and other important index value.


                    Turnkey Service Cryogenic Grinding System in Korea


Main Motor
Theoretical Output
200mesh 100kg/h
200mesh 250kg/h
200mesh 400kg/h
Cooling Medium
-196°C-0°C LN
-196°C-0°C LN
-196°C-0°C  LN
Classifying Motor Power


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